Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mother of Pearl

This is Mother of Pearl, the newest coolest Interference Colour that Tri-Art makes.

Amazing on three dimensional surfaces, breathtaking in direct sunlight.
Like treasure under a thick, rich glaze.

Just thought I'd share, because I think this is a pretty sexy colour.


  1. Any specific thoughts on usage? I just got a tube of it today.

    P.S. Either Opus got cleared out of Tri-Art products after your appearance, or they're phasing them out. The cupboards were almost bare.

  2. Mother of Pearl is most effective used in thin applications on three dimensional surfaces. The play of light on it is greatly enhanced when there are different planes to reflect off of.
    Apropos Opus, maybe it's a space issue. Just keep asking for product! That will help to keep the shelves stocked (hopefully!). Thanks for your comments, Bret, always appreciated.

  3. I'm so picking this up next time I'm in Calgary picking up supplies. This is very sexy stuff, Rheni! Lethbridge, alas, is not full of tri-art or to be honest full of many art supplies at all...