Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to next? That's the issue I have to focus on every time I come back from a the last work trip.  My short but sweet trip to California was sprinkled with some terrific interaction with retailers, professors, teachers and artists.  This definitely helped lift me partially out of the dank and dreary creativity rut I've been in for what feels like forever. 

So what's next? Something that always gets me going creatively, mostly because it's for Tri-Art and not for me personally (why is it that the personal art is the toughest?).  We are gearing up for NAMTA 2012, this year, the show is in Orlando.  I'm hoping to bring some fresh colour and sun-inspired light into our booth.  Working with our team to put together an exciting booth and some painted eye candy is something I look forward to every year.

Wednesday is paint day for the Tri-Art girls, and we're going to head into my studio to clear out some of those winter cobwebs.  Yay!