Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NAMTA, etcetera

Well, it's that time of year again, time to head off to the not-so-big-anymore Art Materials trade show.  It's an industry show that ought to be better attended, particularly given how much effort the manufacturers, suppliers and other exhibitors put into it.  So if you are an art materials retailer, please come out to Phoenix next week and come see what new and cool things we've got for you to try out! Booth #1021

Tri-Art will be showcasing some new products, and showing off our custom locally made packaging.  Our team will be happy to demo any and all of our products, talk paint, talk New Acrylics books, talk ART!

On a more personal note, as Ontario has so far ignored the fact that it's spring, it will be lovely to bask in a bit of hot weather and not get snowed upon!

As for workshops, sadly, there are none coming up for me.  I am still in the midst of re-discovering my painting voice, while doing my Tri-Art work, attempting to responsibly raise my pre-pubescent daughter, and teach the ropes to our new and very chewy puppy!  I was thinking that it might be time for me to take a workshop or two myself, I could certainly use the direction and inspiration, and there are some fantastic teachers out there!  If anyone has any recommendations, I would surely appreciate it.