Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If this lack of creative output keeps up I may have to just write another book!

Seriously, it's a disaster.

Every attempt at art making has been a frustrating and deflating experience. Impossible to cast my expectations aside. So I have stopped for the moment, loath to add another surface to the crappy picture pile. Feh.

So...I'm digging (both mentally and in the guise of spring cleaning) through my collections of stuff. Notes, old drawings, stacks of paper goodies, collage treasures and scrap papers.

What have I found so far?

That my grocery lists are terrifyingly identical, that I have a LOT of cool stuff, a LOT of pointless ugly stuff, and that despite it's breadth and range, there is some sort of harmony to my chaotic hoards.

Where will this take me?

I think into another book. One thing I have discovered through my time as a book maker (author still sounds not quite right), is that organizing my stuff and thoughts into the swirly business of a book project is just the type of energy that throws out inspiration as some sort of bonus exhaust.

Here's to hoping that if not some artwork that works, then perhaps a book to inspire other people to make artwork that works will come from this exploration.

And if I'm really, really lucky, maybe a decent painting too.