Monday, November 14, 2011

I do realize that this is a stagnant blog....really.  In my own defence I must also add that blogging is not really my "thing".  A proper website will eventually come about once several things happen:
  1. I make artwork that is not complete rubbish.
  2. I have something of note to post (i.e. a show or something...)
  3. I design (or better yet, have someone talented at that sort of thing design for me) a slick but lush website.
As none of those things are currently happening, this blog will have to remain as it is.  Dull, but taking up cyber space in spite of that (like oh too many things already are).

If you are in need of looking at pretty pictures that may or may not feature paint, I recommend "liking" Tri-Art on facebook.  My colleague is always posting lovely and inspiring images.