Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 Best Art Books of the '00s

An ENORMOUS and ECSTATIC thank you to Marion Boddy-Evans at Painting for placing my first book, The New Acrylics, at NUMBER 6 in this list!

flattered and thrilled. Thank you, thank you!

Thinking about mediums and liquids...and about how they are the perfect complements to one another.

A drop of colour in a clear gel can create magic. The way it disperses into the thick, viscous pools of self leveling gel, or feathers into gloss gel, the character of the colour drawn out into displaying it's vibrant undertone and deep mass tones.

The transparency of gloss mediums is an ideal playground for colours to play and develop in.

I'm working on complex paintings, but am being struck again and again by the beauty in the simplest of brush strokes.

Art is pretty fun.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buried bling, shinning from the depths of a glaze in a textured surface. Detail from a painting.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blingy Bits

Holidays approaching, the first real snowfall and suddenly I want the blingy bits. Sparkle, shine, shimmer, all the seduction of those points of light. I am making custom gels and liquid mediums, bringing in those flashy additives that sink into the self-leveling gel like jewels, crest the gel waves and are stars in pools of liquid acrylic. There is so much fun stuff available out there to add to acrylic mediums. Add more light to your world. Bring on the BLING!

Making marks

Rediscovering, uncovering, redefining my expression through making marks. I find the road rather bumpy. So I proceed with some basic tools. My fingers, words, textures.

At points I find those little areas that work, that sing. Little seeds. Beginnings.

Marketing and promotional art taking up too much space in my studio and in my head. Producing the books, as a friend in the business said, is the least of the work. Promoting them is the long, hard slog. I am learning this truth, and it is humbling...though somehow exciting. Now, to find the head space and clarity of mind to produce a different kind of work too, one mark at a time.