Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The rain

It's raining today. I like rain, I find it soothing, and it does fun things to my hair. It is also raining opportunity...which I find usually happens as soon as I've given up on things. That universe, it just keeps throwing me for loops.

Yes, I had decided to give painting another go, with intent and seriousness and all that. No, it did not work out as my day job got busier and more multi-faceted, my home life (and my studio) got too chaotic and the muse was on an extended leave of absence.

During this period of creative hiatus, I revisited some of my older book ideas and one of them stood out as being exciting and I was (am) re-inspired to make that happen sooner rather than later. Currently, I'm working on this new (old) book idea during my "me" time, working on Tri-Art related things in most of my other time, and cooking vast quantities of food in the rest of the time (sometimes fun, mostly just messy and time consuming).

Having given up of the painting idea (temporarily of course), I hear word this weekend that I am being offered a solo show in Toronto.

Be still my heart.

I am doing my best not to panic, and to move forward with the Tri-Art work, the new book, the domestic work and produce a cohesive collection of paintings...all of it. I find it oddly comforting that I enjoy this sort of rain too. Rather than sending me into a screaming panic, I find this to be rather calming.

Strange...but good.

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