Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heavy Metal

I love metal. Being named after one may have something to do with this particular passion. Reflective or matte, strong, solid, substantial.

Painting on metal is something I've been experimenting with for years, but now there are panels out there, ready made, that just make my paint layers sing.

The fine people at Duho Studios produce silky smooth, robust and finely crafted art panels made with exotic woods and metals. They are a dream to paint on, though now my dilemma is how to use them and still showcase the beauty of my support through the layers and layers of acrylic. I've been painting on one zebrawood panel for months now, terrified of hiding the gorgeous grain altogether!

Experimenting with them now for almost a year, I am enchanted by their versatility and impressed by their resilience to my technique. I'm not the most delicate of painters, stuff gets stepped on, spilt on, sanded, chipped at, I am merciless when in experimentation's how I learn and how I test materials.

Painting on the wood panels is lovely, they absorb the paint uniformly and can be scrubbed vigorously without damaging the surface. It is the metal panels that have captured my interest for the moment, because of on thing, reflectivity. As a chronic glazer (is that even a term?), I strive to bring more light into my work. The depth and luminosity that is gained by this are what pull life into colour, and that, to me, is magic.

I've experimented for years with metallic pigments, papers and metal sheeting, but the Duho panels are the nearly perfect platform for my current expression. I say nearly because there is one small drawback. The panels are so smooth, and so flawless, that the paint can peel right off of them. Painting thinly is not a problem, but thickly applied coats can be taken clean off. This in itself, is actually a fun thing too, but may deter those who seek a more "permanent" platform. I'm sure if I were seeking improved adhesion I could abrade the surface, or treat it in some manner, but for now I'm quite happy to keep playing. The results are juicy and lush...and when I get more batteries for my camera I may post some pictures here.

If you are looking for beautifully made professional panels, look no further, these are spectacular. I'm completely hooked!

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  1. These are gorgeous. Regardless of potential adhesion problems, I'm gonna have to give them a try.

    Maybe if the paint were wrapped all the way around?