Saturday, August 1, 2009

Learning & Product Expo: ART! Pasadena workshops

One of the best places all year to get INCREDIBLE DEALS on art materials and take a wow selection of art workshops all under one roof. The Learning and Product Expo: Art! takes place October 15-18th in beautiful Pasadena, CA.

I will be teaching two workshops there:

  1. Speed Dating with Acrylic Mediums: A fast and furious round-robin tactile exploration of acrylic mediums. Hands-on stations will be set up to examine, manipulate and play with a stunning variety of Tri-Art Finest Quality Artist Acrylic Mediums in conjunction with Tri-Art High Viscosity and Liquid acrylic colors. This is the perfect way to get to know the intimate working properties of the most fascinating and multi-faceted painting tools available today.
    Be seduced by the possibilities and versatility of acrylic painting mediums and find your creative match!
    All materials supplied by Jack Richeson & Co. Inc.
  2. Sculptural Acrylics: Experiment with the most malleable art material of our time. Taking acrylic paints beyond their traditional supports, we will work with them to create sculptural artworks. Use acrylic skins, acrylic texture mediums and application methods to produce two and three dimensional pieces. Gather a cornucopia of ideas to apply to your own styles and projects. A wide range of Tri-Art paints, mediums and palettes supplied by Jack Richeson and Co. will be available for your use during the workshop.
Along for the sunny ride is newcomer to the Tri-Art Art Education Team, mixed-media vixen Sharlena Wood. Check out her exciting workshop! (Yes, she's the cutie in the picture at the top of this post).

Tri-Art Breaks Ground with Acrylic Grounds, Gels and Mediums:
Oh, what a textured life we lead! And thanks to the people at Tri-Art, the art of creating textures has taken on new meaning. This inspiring workshop will introduce you to Tri-Art's versatile new Dry Media Ground, as well as demonstrating the innovative and unlimited possibilities of their gels and polymers. Used on their own or combined with colour, these products produce extraordinary textures on an impressive variety of supports.
This hands-on Tri-Art workshop will prick your curiosity about drawing and painting with textures and answer your questions as to which mediums are perfect for marker, pencil, charcoal, pastels, acrylic paints, and other media.
Tri-Art paints and mediums supplied by Jack Richeson and Co will be available for your use in this must-do workshop.

Register for the Learning & Product Expo: Art! here

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