Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colour of the day

I think that my colour of the day is Tri-Art Liquid Mirror.

Inspiration in a jar, this stuff. Made from the same pigment used to produce mirrors, it has a tiny pigment particle size and a mercurial, highly reflective quality. Add a layer of clear medium over top to enhance it's reflectivity. Magic!

Use it as an underpaint instead of white for layering glazes, it will bring far more light through those transparent colours and add gorgeous luminosity.

What's your favorite colour?

Do you have a "band-aid" colour? One that fixes everything, no matter how far gone it is? For me that colour is Payne's Grey, although sometimes Iridescent Copper does the trick.


  1. Liquid mirror sounds fabulous!! My favourite is Prussian blue. If a blue in a painting isn't working right, it's invariably because I've thought I really ought to give some other blue a chance...

  2. Hey, I hit up Opus's Boxing Week sale the other day and picked some of this up. Can't wait to try it out.